• Rules

  • Rules Make Kart Racers Winners

    Rules are necessary for everyone's safety and enjoyment when using our facilities. Our rules are not unreasonable or harsh but are respectful of the environment, which is a race track with vehicles travelling at speed, driven by racers, or enjoyed by spectators, of all all age groups. Following the rules makes a Kart Racer a winner!



    and may result in termination of your ride and liability for damages and costs, resulting from such behaviour.

    • Dangerous Driving
    • Inconsiderate Driving
    • Erratic Driving
    • Deliberate Contact
    • Unnecessary Contact
    • Any behaviour that may cause harm to you, other drivers, staff or spectators
    • Any behaviour that may cause damage to vehicles, equipment or property


    Any person impaired by drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to participate. Drugs and alcohol are prohibited from the Kart Track premises.

    No unseated or additional passengers are permitted to ride on the Karts

    In addition, these requirements are mandatory for all Bay Karts participants:

    • Safety Helmets will be provided by Bay Karts Staff and must be worn at all times 
    • Seat Belts must be worn at all times
    • No Loose clothing. All jackets or tops must be zipped or buttoned up
    • No Scarves. Long hair must be tied back
    • Regulation foot wear and fully covered shoes must be worn at all times

    When Kart Drivers have completed their ride, they must remain in Karts until advised by staff when and how to vacate their Kart. Drivers must not loiter or gather on the track but must proceed to the safety of the spectator area immediately when their drive is completed.

    No unauthorised persons allowed on the track at any time

    All rides are non refundable

    If you have any questions about the above rules, please contact the Management.