• Casual Prices

  • Bookings Essential for Family Groups with kids.


    Price packages vary depending on the power of the vehicle and duration of your drive. You can race for 20 or 30 mins at a time. Each race is regrouped each 10 mins, to increase the competition!

    Bay Karts adult prices are for our higher powered karts, while Bay Karts Kids prices are for our slightly less powered karts. Experienced or adventurous drivers will enjoy the challenge of our higher powered karts. If you are less experienced or prefer a more relaxed drive, ask for our Bay Karts Kids karts. You will still enjoy the thrill of racing with a slightly less powered kart, whether an adult or child! We have created Family Friendly time slots on weekends, to accomodate kids under 12 and those adults who like a more cruisey pace.

    Our dual seated Karts are priced to enable a parent to accompany a child. Driver must be 15+, and passenger seat is for 4 years to approx 8 years old. The tandem karts only run for 20 min durations, and during our Family Friendly bookings times (on weekends. Week days are more flexible)

    We do everything we can to help you enjoy the best value entertainment possible. There is no extra charge for Helmets which are provided free with your racing ticket. We also have optional overalls and rain jackets at no additional cost.

    Go Karts are a compact vehicle with fixed seating positions, for comfort and safety, we suggest drivers are under 110 kgs

    All rides are non refundable. If you have any questions about the above information, please contact the Management or staff.

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    • SODI KARTS 9HP 270cc
    • Anyone 15 years and over
    • 1.4 metres or taller
    • 20 minutes - $40
    • 30 minutes - $55
  • RIMO EVO5 6.5HP (KIDS)

    • RIMO KARTS 6.5HP 200cc
    • Anyone 10 years old to Adult
    • 1.2 meters or taller
    • Adult family members can drive in the same group with their kids 
    • 20 minutes - $35.00
    • 30 minutes - $45.00
    • For larger groups of children aged 14 or under, please phone to confirm. For safety we have restrictions on the amount of kids karts running at one time.
  • Two Seater Karts

    • Race with Family group
    • For Adult Driver and Child passenger from 4 yrs - 8 yrs* (passenger seat is small, staff reserve the right to decline if customer safety is a concern)
    • 20 minutes - $40.00

    Note - Our tandem is aimed as a taste of karting for young children, it is not designed for long periods of racing.

    Therefore all sessions are limited to 20 min maximum.


  • DRIFT KARTS 420cc

    - Anyone 15 years and over

    - 1.4 Meters or taller

    - 20 minutes - $60

    - 30 minutes - $80

    Peak Summer Season (Nov - Feb), minimum booking size is 4 drifters.

    Bookings are essential as these karts do not run at the same times as our regular karts, for safety of all involved.

    Our fleet run the big block 420cc 16 Hp engines, so you get the ultimate and most realistic drift experience.

    These take skill and patience to master, don't be surprised if you have a few 360 spins!