• FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our aim is to ensure all our customers enjoy the thrill of Go Kart Racing, so if you are new to this fun sport, please read through our FAQ. If you have any questions not covered here please phone or ask our staff or management when you next visit our track.

    • Do I have to bring my own kart?

      No. We have a range of German made Rimo Evo5 Karts which are one of the finest Karts available. These Karts are maintained to the best safety standard in our own workshop. We have single seat and dual seat Karts.

    • What are the special requirements for kids?

      Children from 3 years to 8 years must be accompanied by an adult driver. Children from 8 years to 12 years may only drive in the Bay Karts Kids Category. Children 12 years and over may drive in the Bay Karts Senior category provided they are 1.4 metres tall or over.

    • What should I wear?

      Sensible clothing and footwear with jackets and tops fully zipped are standard to Kart Racing. Scarves are not allowed and long hair should be tied back. For more info please see our Rules Page or ask our staff

    • Can I bring my own helmet?

      Bay Karts will supply you with one of our standard helmets. If you wish to wear your own helmet, please contact our staff.

    • What if it is raining?

      Our track is outdoors so, for your safety, we do not recommend racing in wet or stormy weather. If in doubt during bad weather, we suggest you phone us first before you leave home, to check if the track is open and operating. Your safety is our main concern and we will only close the track for that reason.

  • If there are any questions not covered in this FAQ, please call us . We are here to help!